Nick Mangeris provides the vision and direction for LifeSpan Global, Incorporated.  He is a proficient leader with more than 40 years of business ownership, management, development, sales & marketing and successful field distributorship experience. Under Nick’s leadership, the total sales of his previous successes approaches two Billion dollars. As a field Distributor his personal earnings exceeded four million. In 1996, Nick became the Rocky Mountain Entrepreneur of the Year while leading his company, Kaire International and its near 175 employees, to a quarter of a Billion in sales.

During that same year Nick was on the cover of Success magazine and according to the former editor, Duncan Maxwell Anderson, Nick is a modern Horatio Alger story and contemporary proof the American Dream is alive and well.

Piddling around with a few Network Marketing companies in the ’60’s and ’70’s, Nick realized mediocre success. At the end of the ’70’s Nick made a unprecedented decision, he left an upper level management position with Kaiser Aluminum and became a full time Distributor for a Network Marketing company. From that day forward his life would permanently change.

Within that company, Nick advanced from Distributor, to General Manager, to (the Corporate Home Office) Director of Sales and to Vice-President of Sales. In late 1988 Nick left that company. In January of 1989 Nick was hired as the Executive Vice President and became part owner of  a new company headquartered in Hong Kong and opening in the USA. During the next 16 months Nick grew their sales to $13.7 million annually.

In October of 1991 Nick was hired by another company as the Executive Vice President. For the next 12 months Nick led and managed sales from its inception (start up) to $10 million annually.

In August of 1992 Nick put together his own business plan, located a business partner and full investment capital then started Kaire International, in Longmont, Colorado.  This was to be Nick’s greatest achievement to date.  Introducing Pycnogenol® to America, he led Kaire to one of the Top Ten Fastest growing companies in the Rocky Mountain States, Fastest growing privately held company in Colorado, Fastest growing Nutritional Health Company in the Rocky Mountain States, Top Ten Fastest growing NM company in North America, 1996 Entrepreneur of the Year, Cover of Success Magazine 1996 with highly complementary article on Entrepreneurial Success, Personal and corporate awards from Parenting Magazine for Employer-Employee Relationships, Awards from City of Longmont and Berthoud, Colorado, for Entrepreneurial Leadership, Awards from Boy Scouts of America, Awards from Feed the Children Foundation for developing Responsible Leadership for Children and Awards from one of his most prized developments… Children of Chernobyl. Nick led Kaire’s annual sales to exceed $250 million in seven countries in 4 ½ years. Nick left Kaire in August 1997 and went into consulting.

Nick enjoyed solid success in sales and marketing consulting. One of his clients was TurningPoint. He became President of TurningPoint where his partner was Dennis Weaver (the Hollywood Actor) and, was the International Vice President of NM marketing for Horphag Research Group, Geneva Switzerland and he traveled outside the USA to several former Eastern bloc countries, Asia and Europe developing PycnogenolÒ sales internationally.

While Nick’s abilities and achievements are abundant, and one of his lifelong hobbies has been Drag Racing, he’s never one to let his engine idle for very long. His love of life, achievement, children (having 8 children, 25 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren of his own) and his idealistic term “Living it Forward!™”, caused him to give serious consideration to the hidden global plague of Childhood Malnutrition. A plague Nick believes is curable! His solution was simple, develop a strategy whereby the nourishment needs of hundreds, thousands and millions of malnourished children would be met at no cost to the child or their family. A program so simple that anyone could participate and everyone would want to. A program that by nourishing yourself, you automatically nourish a malnourished child every time… in many cases you’re actually saving that child’s life. A program where you are not waiting on the future, you are creating and living in the future not only through prayer and heartfelt emotions but palpably, through your actions. That program is here… join us now … today at LifeSpan Global.


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