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Never Give UpFollowing is a true story, sent to me by a personal friend of the main character in the narrative. Paula is a marvelous advocate for Network Marketing with a credible story and speaks effectively on the profession. She has intentionally chosen Network Marketing as a profession with no regrets. This article is not intended to promote any Networking Company but rather express the viability of the profession. She has given me permission to relate her story, as a nonspecific representation, providing I remove her last name and the company she represents.

Throughout the USA the Engineering profession is a well known and highly respected occupation offering excellent compensation.  Strangely then, how did a 49 year old female Engineer from Dallas, Texas, reach the point where she began earning more  income in three months, as a Network Marketer, than she did annually as an engineer with 25 years experience? Following is her story:

According to Paula, “I joined ZXZXZXZX Network Marketing Company on February 26, 2015, primarily because I was not getting any younger and was not satisfied with my future financial prospects. This was not my first foray into Network Marketing. Some time earlier, I tried a company for a few months and only made $42.00. Soon after, I discovered several people who joined that company and did not do well either. The company’s attrition rate was high and I believe it was because they taught hype, buy-in kits, positions and money rather than the value of their products, customers and permanence. And, I could not find anyone who could legitimately explain the compensation plan any more than, ‘Don’t worry about it, you can make a lot of money.’ But, at the time, I thought that was the way it was done and I got caught up in the hype also.”

Luckily for Paula, she was not embittered by her experience and still loved the networking model. A short time later a different friend reached out to her about another possibility. Paula said, “I loved what I saw in the Networking concept and luckily I was still exploring my options. As fortune would have it, the company was still in a pre-launch phase and I was on fire!” Getting in on the ground floor of any promising venture opens up great opportunities, but also a few challenges. I had a lot of excitement when I got started but I knew I had to stay focused and as Jim Rohn said, ‘When you cast your seeds on the grounds, don’t focus on the weeds that come in and try to choke them out! The weeds will always come. They will come by well meaning family, friends and co-workers but you have to be a Good Gardener and focus on the Seeds and not the Weeds.’ Moreover, learning everything I had to do caused me to second guess myself several times but since there was no cost to join, no by-in kits for position and the products were great, I stayed the course. Finally, I actually understood the pay plan, got support from my sponsor and the home office and I didn’t give up.”

Paula went on, “Within four months, four of us in my team moved up several positions, were helping a lot of people, earning between $500 and $600 per month and our commissions were growing every month. One of my third level actually outgrew all of us and his check soared to over $1,500.00 in his fourth month! This really got me excited, so I talked to him and found out that he promoted the value of the products and why people needed them on a regular daily basis. I then discovered the more I talked and shared my personal experience and excitement, the more blessed I was to find people who saw the rewards as greater than the risk.”

As her business grew, Paula began to see the possibilities for helping women in her Church, and that the Networking model as a force for Women and social change. “I want the best for my family, especially for my daughters, and the same opportunity for every woman.” She says. “This became a personal mission because of how I was raised… take care of the home, family, go to school, get married and teach my daughters to do the same.”

After a little less than a year, I became so encouraged by the women on my team and their hard work that I could see that as women, there is more, that we are more… we must know that we are an essential part of all humanity and that we can do more, we can be more and we can depend on ourselves.”

Paula says that over the past year and a-half many of her friends and distributors are using the products to improve their health, help free their families from debt and being more involved has given them greater confidence. “I wanted to prove to my family and friends that with commitment, and the right situation, we can achieve whatever we want in life. My achievement have made me very optimistic and I encourage my daughters to dream big.” Today, Paula is at the second to highest position in her company and believes she will be at the top position in just one more year. Finally she says, “Though I may no longer be a working Engineer, I’m spending more time with my family and still focused on designing and creating something that will be permanent!”

Nick Mangeris

LifeSpan Global, Incorporated