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“Make the Rest of Your Life, the Best of Your Life!”


Do you have achy joints, aren’t sleeping the way you should, problems with headaches, blood pressure, diabetes,  cold and flu more often, low libido, feel constantly pooped, tired or worn out?

Do you crave those teenage years when there was never a second thought about your health, had plenty of energy to get your work done, play with your friends and hit the bike, run forever, have energy to burn?

While occasionally there may be medical reasons for these symptoms, frequently the problem is simply that you aren’t getting the nutrition your body requires for it to function at its full potential!

People constantly say, “I eat two to three times a day. Well, maybe only one serving of veggies, yeah, I ate an apple, maybe an orange or banana and no, I didn’t finish the salad, etc.”

fruitsAccording to WEB MD:

The fact is Americans are the most overfed and undernourished people anywhere! Americans’ health habits are getting worse. The main culprit: eating habits. The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index reports a score of 63.8 in May, down from 65.2 the same month last year. The health habits of adults have been worse in each of the past three months than in the same period in five years ago.  Fewer Americans reported eating healthily than last year, with the index for healthy eating dropping to 66.2 from 68.2.

Americans Aren’t Eating Enough Fruits and Veggies

What’s more, Americans aren’t eating as many fruits and vegetables on a weekly basis. A Gallup poll says that 4.5 million fewer Americans ate healthfully in the same month last year. Other key findings:

The percentage of people who exercised for a half hour or more at least three days in the previous week dropped from 53.6% to 52.9%. The percentage of people who had five or more servings of fruits and vegetables at least four days in the previous week before being polled dropped from 57.8% to 55.9%.

The index is based on a survey by Gallup and Healthways of 1,000 randomly selected adults aged 18 and older living in the U.S.  They are asked whether they exercised at least 30 minutes for at least three days in the past week, whether they ate healthily the day before, and whether they ate five or more servings of fruits and vegetables for at least four days in the last week.

A recurring question is — “How do you know what nutrition your body needs?”
Following is a list of the most common vitamins, minerals and associated nutrients with a short explanation on why you need them to function at your full potential:

Vitamin AProven to be an amazing antioxidant. Knowing cellular health is essential to maintaining high energy levels, vitamin A increases red blood cell regeneration and helps protects our bodies from free radical damage.

Vitamin B – In a highly bioavailable form, it is considered the most quick and effective vitamin for boosting and stabilizing energy. That’s because vitamins like B6, B12, B1 (or thiamine) and B9 (or folic acid) help your body convert your calories into an energy source quickly. These also help regulate other energy-zappers such as blood sugsunar and iron levels.

Vitamin D – There’s a reason sunlight makes you feel good. That dose of vitamin D you get from catching rays helps your body release the feel-good hormones that give you energy.

Choline – Although not technically considered a vitamin, choline is an essential nutrient that helps your body your food down into energy like the vitamin B family. Choline is the precursor molecule for the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is involved in numerous functions. Choline is critical to memory and muscle control. Humans produce healthy choline in the liver when the proper form and amounts of other nutrients are consumed.

 Vitamin C The importance of Vitamin C is so well recognized that I will only give a few examples. It not only boosts your immune system, it also helps your body absorb iron more efficiently, converts food into energy and aids in mental alertness. And as a critical regulator of your adrenal system, it also helps keep your hormones in check, preventing dips in energy levels.  It is needed for the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of your body.

It is used to:

  • Form an important protein used to make skin, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels
  • Heal wounds and form scar tissue
  • Repair and maintain cartilage, bones, and teeth
  • Is only one but a critical one, of many antioxidants. Antioxidants are nutrients that block some of the damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are made when your body breaks down food or when you are exposed to tobacco smoke or radiation. The buildup of free radicals over time is largely responsible for the aging process. Free radicals play a role in cancer, heart disease, and conditions like arthritis
  • The body is incapable of making vitamin C on its own and it does not store vitamin C. It is therefore important to include plenty of vitamin C in your daily diet
  • For many years, vitamin C supplements have been a popular remedy for the common cold. Research shows that for most people, vitamin C supplements regularly might have slightly shorter colds, reduced intensity and measurably milder symptoms

Biotin Biotin is critical for all organisms, but humans are unable to produce biotin. Biotin is said to be a non-protein chemical compound for five enzymes that are vital for metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. It is a coenzyme that is essential to the body in order to produce energy, synthesize fats and also to support the nervous system activity.

Thiamin Thiamin (vitamin B1) helps the body’s cells convert carbohydrates into energy. The main role of carbohydrates is to provide energy for the body, especially the brain and nervous system.

Thiamin also plays a role in muscle contraction and conduction of nerve signals.

Iodine Iodine is essential for the production of thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormones regulate many important biochemical reactions in the body, including protein synthesis and enzymatic activity, and are critical for metabolic activity. They are also required for proper skeletal and central nervous system development in fetuses and infants.

An iodine deficiency will cause the thyroid gland to become enlarged (called goiter), reflecting the body’s attempt to trap more iodine from the circulation and produce thyroid hormones. Iodine deficiency may eventually lead to hypothyroidism, which can cause fatigue, weight gain, weakness, and/or depression. Interestingly, iodine deficiency can also cause hyperthyroidism, a condition characterized by weight loss, rapid heartbeat, and fluctuations in appetite.

zincZinc Zinc is an important trace mineral that people need to stay healthy. Zinc is vital in cells throughout the body. It is needed for the body’s defensive (immune) system to function properly. It plays a critical role in cell division, cell growth, wound healing, and the breakdown of carbohydrates. It is also needed for the senses of smell and taste. During pregnancy, infancy, and childhood. It is essential for the body to grow and develop properly. Recent information from an expert review on zinc supplements showed that:

When taken for at least 5 months, zinc shows promise in reducing your risk of becoming sick with the common cold. Starting to take a zinc supplement within 24 hours after cold symptoms begin may reduce how long the symptoms last and make the symptoms less severe.

 Vitamin E Vitamin E is an important antioxidant that protects body tissue from damage caused by substances called free radicals. Free radicals damage cells, tissues, and organs. They are believed to play a role in certain conditions related to aging. The body also needs vitamin E to help keep the immune system strong in its fight against viruses and bacteria. It is also important in the formation of red blood cells and it helps the body use vitamin K. It also helps widen blood vessels and keep blood from clotting inside them. Cells use it to interact with each other and carry out many important functions. There is considerable research accumulating on whether vitamin E can prevent cancer, heart disease, dementia, liver disease, and stroke.

Supplementation Quality

Quality is the operative word in supplementation. For supplements to offer real benefit, the body must be able to absorb and utilize them. Too often the source and quality of supplements leaves much to be desired in producing palpable health benefits. Sadly it has become commonplace for families to cut costs and shop to find the “CHEAPEST” instead of the “BEST” in supplementation.


“Make the Rest of Your Life, the Best of Your Life!”

PhytAlive!™ contains the most bioavailable sources of everything written here. It is vastly superior because it is more easily digested, begins to work immediately and, if desired, can be added to food (frequently being sprinkled on salad). You would need to take 25 tablets to equal the bioavailable benefits of just 1 scoop of PhytAlive!™ powder, definitely a plus for those who don’t like nor want to struggle with tablets.  There was a time when nutrition only came in tablets or capsules. Then came dramatic improvements in the manufacturing and stabilizing of organic fruit, berry and vegetable powders. To help you sort out the differences and provide a comprehensive nutritional supplement that is the most effective for you and your budget, we’ll describe the strengths and benefits of powdered PhytAlive!™.

First, let’s understand absorption, since it’s the key concern of all wise absorptionconsumers. Many people are rightly concerned that nutritional supplements don’t break down, absorb properly or completely enough. Most of us have heard countless tales where tablets pass out of the body partially or completely unabsorbed (i.e. discovered by nursing home caretakers and medical professionals) and that “tablets simply make expensive urine.”

This is actually more common than most of us realize. For example, when someone has an already-weak or poorly-functioning digestive system such the elderly, convalescents, drug or alcohol users, being under constant stress, taking cheap drugstore or supermarket vitamins and minerals loaded with fillers-binders-explosive agents with an insufficient amount of bioavailable nutrients (dramatically increasing the stress on the digestive system), or has any myriad of health challenges; absorption becomes a serious challenge for the body.bioavail

Another way this occurs is when a person is on medical prescriptives, suffers a digestive illness or a bout with food contamination. These can greatly impede transit time through the digestive tract, resulting in bloating, cramping, gassing, severe diarrhea, loose stools and frequently un-dissolved tablet supplements.

High-quality, maximum bioavailable supplements are the only answer. LifeSpan has invested considerable R&D resources to ensure PhytAlive!™ (and all our products) are NON-GMO, Pesticide FREE, Insecticide FREE, Herbicide FREE, Gluten FREE, shelf-stable, break down quickly and completely with maximum absorption.

PhytAlive!™ is in a powder form because it offers great flexibility in dosing and bioavailable consumption. It is extraordinarily cost-effective on a dollars-per-nutrient basis and the most convenient to use, since it can be liquefied into a shake or added to food and has a longer usable shelf life than laboratory-mixed liquids which, require refrigeration, are not portable, considerably heavier to transport (cannot be taken on a plane) and requires chemical suspension agents causing a poor ingredient dispersion. For an “All In One” supplement, PhytAlive!™ is much, much more practical and far more effective.

For example, for the same dollar-per-nutrient value in a typical scoop of PhytAlive’s!™ great tasting powder mixed with water…, you’d need to consume 25 large tablets! So, as you can see, the most efficient delivery system with the most benefit in an “All In One” supplement… is PhytAlive!™.

PhytAlive’s!™ plant sourced multi-vitamin and mineral powders are an excellent way to get a broad range of nutrients in high potencies without the expense and hassle of sorting through bottles and swallowing several tablets. You can mix into drinks, shakes, cereals, salads or whatever is convenient.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Nick Mangeris

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