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Nick Mangeris

Other than your relationship with God, the most important step you can take toward achieving your greatest potential in life is to discover that you are in full control of your attitude. An optimistic attitude makes it easier for you to cope with the everyday affairs of life. It brings hope into your life, and makes it easier to avoid worries and negative thinking. By adopting an upbeat attitude as a way of life, it brings constructive changes into your life, and makes them happier, brighter and more successful.

A positive attitude focuses on the bright side of life, helps you become optimistic with a living expectation that the best will happen. It is a state of mind that is worth developing! Nick A. Mangeris


My ATTITUDE….it’s more important than reality!

As I approach the second half of my life, I am faithfully reminded of the significance  My ATTITUDE  plays in my life!

My ATTITUDE  is more important than any gift God has blessed me with, how I look, what I wear, or what skills I’ve personally developed!

My ATTITUDE  is more meaningful than my environment, surely more than my money, my past, any failure or success, than schooling, even more significant than what anyone may say or do or even think!

My ATTITUDE  will strengthen or wreck my Marriage.  It will build or break down my family.  It will fortify or destroy my home.  It will enrich or ruin my business.  My ATTITUDE will adorn or annihilate my relationship with God!

The attractive thing about life is that people everywhere are guaranteed the freedom to choose the  ATTITUDE  they will adopt each day. 

Remember, no one can alter the manner in which others will act,  what has been predetermined cannot and should not be altered.  Regarding the past, it is in stone and should be left alone!

 There is but a single choice for me …..

to make the best of what God has blessed me with!

Life has convinced me, that reality is 1% what happens to me and 99% how I react to it.

 The reality is….I am in charge of  My ATTITUDE!

-Nick A. Mangeris-