Why should you choose a Powder over a Tablet/Pill or Liquid, for an “All In One” nutritional supplement?”



To begin, the delivery system by which vitamins, minerals and countless nutrients are introduced to the intestines will have a profound effect in how much and how soon ‘usable nutrition’ ends up in your bloodstream. To get to the point; according to numerous studies and the Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR), Tablets are out of the question… they’re not even in the game! The PDR states, “Only 10-20% of vitamins and minerals in tablet form are absorbed by the body compared to 93-98% for those presented to the body in a liquid form.”

Further, when you consume a vitamin/mineral tablet (because it is compressed under tremendous pressure with artificial fillers, binding and explosive agents), it passes through the stomach where it is attacked by stomach acid. Unfortunately some important nutrients such as Resveratrol, L-Glutathione, SAMe and numerous others, are severely weakened during that process. To prevent this, laboratory chemicals can be used to coat tablets causing them to pass through the stomach’s environment with a minimal reduction in damage. These coating are dreadfully expensive and rarely used in nutritional supplementation.

Some tablets may make label claims that they have the same benefits as a powder. In reality, they take significantly longer to enter the bloodstream so, if you’re looking for maximum absorption in a valuable time period, tablets simply won’t do. Onpillhead the other hand, because powder works so quickly and completely, consuming it mixed in water will provide a more rapid assimilation (actually beginning sublingually – under the tongue). There is no reason to delay absorption and benefit.

But, consumer confusion still persists between “Liquefied” and a chemically modified liquid supplement mixed and bottled at a laboratory, that adds the water instead of you adding it. When manufacturers take vitamins and minerals and mix them together with water and then add artificial chemistry to preserve that mixture and keep the formula ingredients in suspension, that process is ‘NOT Natural!’  Only the “Liquefied” formula offers the body the most natural Fruits, Berries and Vegetables and the best possible absorption and utilization?

PhytAlive!™ Nutritional Powder is vastly superior because it is more easily digested, begins to work immediately and, if desired, can be added to food (frequently being sprinkled on salad). You would need to take 25 tablets to equal the bioavailable benefits of just 1 scoop of PhytAlive!™ powder, definitely a plus for those who don’t like nor want to struggle with tablets.

There was a time when nutrition only came in tablets or capsules. Then came dramatic improvements of powders. To help you sort out the differences and provide a comprehensive nutritional supplement that is the most effective for you and your budget, we’ll describe the strengths and benefits of powdered PhytAlive!™.






First, let’s understand absorption, since it’s the key concern of all wise consumers. Many people are rightly concerned that nutritional supplements don’t break down, absorb properly or completely enough. Most of us have heard countless tales where tablets pass out of the body partially or completely unabsorbed (i.e. discovered by nursing home caretakers and medical professionals) and that “tablets simply make expensive urine.”

This is actually more common than most of us realize. For example, when someone has an already-weak or poorly-functioning digestive system such the elderly, convalescents, drug or alcohol users, being under constant stress, taking cheap drugstore or supermarket vitamins and minerals loaded with fillers-binders-explosive agents with an insufficient amount of bioavailable nutrients (dramatically increasing the stress on the digestive system), or has any myriad of health challenges; absorption becomes a serious challenge for the body.

Another way this can happen is when a person is on medical prescriptives, suffers a digestive illness or a bout with food contamination. These can greatly impede transit time through the digestive tract, resulting in bloating, cramping, gassing, severe diarrhea, loose stools and frequently un-dissolved tablet supplements.

High-quality, maximum bioavailable supplements are the only answer. LifeSpan has invested considerable R&D resources to ensure PhytAlive!™ (and all our products) are NON-GMO, Pesticide FREE, Insecticide FREE, Herbicide FREE, Gluten FREE, shelf-stable, break down quickly and completely with maximum absorption.

PhytAlive!™ is in a powder form because it offers great flexibility in dosing and bioavailable consumption. It is extraordinarily cost-effective on a dollars-per-nutrient basis and the most convenient to use, since it can be liquefied into a shake or added to food and has a longer usable shelf life than laboratory-mixed liquids which, require refrigeration, are not portable, considerably heavier to transport (cannot be taken on a plane) and requires chemical suspension agents causing a poor ingredient dispersion. For an “All In One” supplement, PhytAlive!™ is much, much more practical and far more effective. For example, for the same dollar-per-nutrient value in a typical scoop of PhytAlive’s!™ great tasting powder mixed with water…, you’d need to consume 25 large tablets! So, as you can see, the most efficient delivery system with the most benefit in an “All In One” supplement… is PhytAlive!™.


Plant sourced multi-vitamin and mineral powders are an excellent way to get a broad range of nutrients in high potencies without the expense and hassle of sorting through bottles and swallowing several tablets. You can mix into drinks, shakes, cereals, salads or whatever is convenient for you.



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