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Success is to triumph, victory, achievement, and accomplishment as excellence is to perfection, quality, precision and superiority. For those who are the greatest achievers in life, these words are irresistibly intertwined. Great achievers want all that life has to offer and are satisfied with nothing less than perfection. They personify Succexcellence™. It is a word that embodies victory, perfection, achievement, quality, accomplishment, and superiority. It should be used in place of self-esteem and personal pride. During the past four plus decades, I have considered the lives of some of the world’s greatest achievers, those who are driven to a near mania, genuine heroes. Sometime back I reached a turning point. I realized that all of these heroes have one thing is common: Many risked it all but they all demanded the best and settled for nothing less. Examine the great words of Stephen Hawking, “However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.”

Thomas Edison, Martin Luther King, Audie Murphy, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Abraham Lincoln, Helen Keller – they all share this common bond.

Understanding Succexcellence™ requires a mental paradigm shift. It’s about first and foremost believing and accepting, then learning, and finally discovering. It’s about training, balance, and adjusting. It’s about the 21st century. If you’re still doing things the way you did them in the ’50s, ’70s, ’80s or ’90s, you’ll be lost in your past forever. Succexcellence™ is about constantly growing and improving, about changing patterns and habits and faithfully applying new methods. It’s about the computer instead of the calculator, it’s about a WORD program instead of a typewriter; it’s about e-mail instead of postal mail. It’s a mental breakthrough for everyone who catches its vision. It’s about getting the most out of your entire LifeSpan.

Some people claim that success and excellence are aging concepts, that they are words that characterize the past. That’s simply not true. Certainly, success and excellence have been with us since the beginning of time but, they are inescapably woven into our future. Only the union of the two words into a more complete word, Succexcellence™, is new. It’s the one word with true synergy, where the past meets the future, where the sum of the parts is far greater than their individuality. As you strive for Succexcellence™, you have a personal desire to be better than you currently are and to give back more than you have received. Thus, Succexcellence™ can never be mastered. It is work in progress, it is ongoing and life giving, it’s paying it forward. Striving for Succexcellence™ will change your course in life. Succexcellence™ is a mission that will cause you to turn away from your past while forcing you into your future.

It is a LifeSpan of living, a pathway to fulfillment. It is something to which we should all strive… Succexcellence™!

Nick Mangeris, LifeSpan Global